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BASiC Elections season is here!

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8th National Integrative Research ConferenceMar 23, 2018 starting at 10am at Carrefour Sherbrooke Ballroom. Wine & Cheese and Posters 5 PM RVC West Lounge.

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Stayed tuned for more information on the next BASiC Town Hall.

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We are working towards making content on this website relevant again. hjy

20 Feb 18 Houji Yao

Elections 2018-2019

Do you want to be part of the Executive team next year? You have until February 23 (according to the listserv) to submit your nomination package and collect signatures!

20 Feb 18 Houji Yao

Website feedback

Do you have feedback about the website? Email houji.yao1@gmail.com

20 Feb 18 Houji Yao

The site is updating!

Hi We are updating our website. Stay tuned xoxo Houji Chair of NiRC

AUS Council – November 26, 2014

Hey guys! Most importantly, this week the AUS Council passed a motion to increase the max hours per week an AUS Executive can get paid if they are under Work Study. The limit was increased for 10 hour

29 Nov 14 Jessica Drozd

SUS General Council – November 19, 2014

Hey guys! The following six motions were passed at this week’s SUS GC: 1) Motion Regarding the Creation of a Constitutional Affairs Committee – This committee will be comprised of 2 SUS Ex

20 Nov 14 Jessica Drozd

Arts & Science Student Senator & Senate Caucus Representative to SSMU

Hey all! I thought I’d start by introducing myself and some of the projects I am working on this year. First off I am the Arts & Science Student Senator, this means I go to monthly McGill Se

19 Nov 14 Chloe Rourke

SUS General Assembly – November 5, 2014

Last week’s SUS General Council was cut short by the long SUS General Assembly that preceded it, so I’ll be focusing on the SUS GA in this blog post! Most of the agenda items that were to

10 Nov 14 Jessica Drozd

AUS Council – October 29, 2014

Hey everyone, hope you had a great Halloween weekend! Last year’s AUS Council was close to 4 and a half hours, so I have to update you on! We passed the following motions, all of which I support

03 Nov 14 Jessica Drozd

SUS Council – October 22, 2014

Hey Art Scis! Last week’s SUS General Council was a short one, as the SSMU GA was occurring at the same time. However, we did pass one motion – a motion adopt an Indigenous territory ackno

27 Oct 14 Jessica Drozd

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Updates from Senate & Exec council will be posted here.