Ampersand the Journal


We are committed to promoting interdisciplinary thought and demonstrating how seemingly unlikely couples – math and literature, biology and philosophy, the list is endless – can be woven together to provide insight. Let us remember that there was no demarcation of anatomy and artistry for Da Vinci or of physiology and philosophy for Galen. The merits of integrative study are boundless.

We are a team who seek to challenge the gaps of modern thought and the way people conceive the relationship of arts and science.



Ampersand journal: The annual Arts and Science academic journal. Showcasing integrative student research at McGill since 2007.


Ampers&: The Blog

Our goal is to promote interdisciplinary thought and push for integration. Through writing, art, and maybe even song, the Ampers& blog serves as a platform for innovative, unusual, and quirky ideas.

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