Payal Patel
Mid-Year Report

Saurin Shah
VP Academic
Mid-Year Report

Victor Tang
VP Finance
Mid-Year Report

Matthew Satterthwaite
VP Communications
Mid-Year Report

Desiree D'Souza
VP External
Mid-Year Report

Jessica Drozd
VP Internal
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Melissa Wells
First Year Affairs
Mid-Year Report

The executive that makes up BASiC's council is made up of elected students from programs spanning the BA&Sc. Our job is to campaign for your interests, organize events, and maintain inter-faculty relations with arts and science. We are governed by a constitution and operate with several associations and committees under us. As we are your representatives please feel free to contact us at any time, visit our office, LEA 114B, or sit in on our ArtSci Assembly for information on our activities, updates, or simply to get some advice.

There are many ways to get involved with BASiC, either by applying to one of our committees, coordinating or volunteering for events, or running for an executive position during elections.

artsci assembly

This year BASiC is trying a new forum where we're able to get updates from committees, execs, and other projects at one place. Essentially, anyone who has a leadership position within BASiC (and receive funding from BASiC) will be required to attend this forum, which we named the ArtSci Assembly. It is open to everyone in the program so the Assembly is a good venue to have any discussions that pertain to many members of the program. Meetings will be held once every two weeks, and it's mandatory for every project or committee that receives funding from BASiC.

The mandatory membership of the Assembly consists of:
* All 8 BASiC Executives
* Chairs of NiRC
* Chairs of Ampersand: the Conference
* Editor in chief (or any member) of Ampersand: the Journal
* Rez Rep Coordinator/ Chair of the FASC (Freshman Arts & Science Committee)
* The Canadian Interdisciplinary Studies Association (CISA) Ambassador
* A representative from the Student Association of Cognitive Science (SACS) - usually the VP External


National Integrative Research Planning Committee
Portfolio: Academic

Under the BASiC VP Academic's potfolio, the committee will work with the NiRC Chair on the successful execution of the annual research conference. Presenters from across the country will be invited to share their integrative research with the McGill community and any other students who wish to attend this weekend conference. Committee duties will include finding speakers and undergraduate research submissions, obtaining funding and sponsorship, organizing event logistics and promotion. The committee will be looking to form each year in mid-September. Time commitments for this committee will consist of bi-weekly meetings throughout the Fall semester and weekly meetings during the Winter semester. For more information, please contact chair@nircmcgill.com or check out the website.


Ampersand the Conference Planning Committee
Portfolio: Communications

Ampersand is BASiC's annual ArtSci conference, and we're going into our fifth year! It is a profit neutral event, put on by students for students, and stems from the conviction that exploration and discovery are keys to success and mental well-being. Our aim is to expose students to information beyond an average university lecture or textbook. Ampersand is dedicated to bring you remarkable speakers and interactive workshops ranging from Sue Johansen "From call girl to biostatician" to the intricacies of stage fighting. Base Committee forms in mid-September with additional openings in Winter Semester. Committee duties include choosing a conference theme, brainstorming and contacting speakers, organizing on-campus fundraising and promotional events. If interested in joining, contact chair@ampersandmcgill.com and check out this year's website.


Freshman Arts & Science Committee (FASC)
Portfolio: U0/U1 Rep

This committee focuses on reaching out to freshman Arts & Science students with social and academic events and consists of the U0/U1 Representative, President, Rez Reps, and members. The committee will plan events specifically for freshman BA&Sc students in addition to discussing strategies to enhance the relationship between BASiC and freshman BA&Sc students. By joining, members can suggest and run first year events. Note, students in U0/U1 are preferred but all students can apply. This committee meets bi-weekly throughout the year and forms in mid-September.


Events Planning Committee
Portfolio: Internal

Do you like planning events such as our infamous beer pong night? Do you have a knack for creating the parties everyone wants to be at? Lend your creativity to events such as the semi-formal, grad cocktails, fun excursions, and fundraising events. This committee meets bi-weekly throughout the year, members will work both as a team and individually. Many opportunites involving marketing, promotional design, money management and logistics.


Academic Committee
Portfolio: Academic

The Academic Committee exists to aid the VP Academic with all portfolio related matters. This includes helping with the preparation of career information seminars, offering feedback on academic program changes, and working to come up with suggestions for new major combinations or interfaculty programs. This is a great opportunity to learn more about and make a real difference to the BA&Sc program! The academic committee also organizes Town Hall and First Year information sessions. Committee forms mid-September.


Presidential Affairs Committee
Portfolio: President
Members assist with projects under the BASiC President's portfolio, a great way to learn about how BASiC operates and relates to the wider McGill community. These could include: working to enhance BASiC's relationship with the administration or other campus groups, drafting documents such as ArtSci surveys or constitutional amendments, and organizing student consultations on pertinent issues.


External Affairs Committee
Portfolio: VP External

Members assist the VP External with portfolio related matters including representing BASiC at AUS and SUS council, facilitating charity work, outreach in the Montreal Community, and working with other student associations. A great way to meet people and get more involved both on and off campus!


Student Association of Cognitive Science (SACS)

The Student Association of Cognitive Science (SACS) represents undergraduate students enrolled in the Cognitive Science program at McGill University. SACS is here to organize social and academic events for people within the Cognitive Science program at McGill as well as those who are just interested in the field.


Students Association of Sustainability, Science, & Society (SASSS)

Student Association for Sustainability, Science and Society seeks to represent the diversity of students currently enrolled in the Sustainability, Science and Society (SSS) Interfaculty Major program. We are a small, tight-knit community of sustainability-minded students and there is always something happening! If you are interested about the SSS program or would like to find more information about it, please browse our website and do not hesitate to contact any of the execs!