General Steps

  1. Decide what you’re interested in. Read papers, listen in classes, and narrow down what you like. You don’t have to know exactly, but a general idea is always helpful in finding a supervisor!
  2. Talk to your advisor! (Or advisors if you are doing Joint Honours.) Tell them you are interested in doing an Honours project and ask them if they have any advice. They can help you decide when to do it, and they often know who to contact. They are also knowledgeable on research proposals, who to send them to, and what they should contain.
  3. Decide when you want to do your project. Summer projects are shorter, but you usually have less workload. Some projects inherently require more time. Remember to factor in time it takes to write a thesis! Furthermore, not all departments offer Honours courses in the summer.
  4. Start emailing and contacting potential supervisors early! Do it around a semester in advance (3-4 months). While it’s possible to find a supervisor last-minute, it’s more stressful!
  5. Plan an Honours project with your supervisor and submit a research proposal to the head of your department to be approved. Depending on the department, it can take around 2 weeks. Make sure to sign up for the course on Minerva.
  6. Once your proposal is approved, stay on top of things! You may have a PhD student who directs you, or you may have more independence. Regardless, it’s your project. Think critically and stay organized! It isn’t possible to “cram” in research. Plan your weeks in advance, and read papers consistently. Ask questions of people in your lab!
  7. Don’t get discouraged if you fall behind. It’s almost inevitable. The important thing is to do consistent hard work and planning!
  8. Write your thesis (or poster – depending on what your supervisor and you decided), have someone edit it, and send it in to your supervisor!
  9. Congratulations – you finished an Honours project!
  10. Shameless plug: Join the Facebook BA&Sc. Honours Group to receive and give advice!


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