Honours Students

BA&Sc. Honours Projects – An Introductory Guide

Updated: April 2015


How to use this guide

This guide is a collection of surveying past experiences, advice from supervisors, trekking through McGill’s website, and more. Click below to go to what you want to see:



General Steps


Advice from Past & Current Honours Students

Literature Review Document (Excel document)

General Thesis Format (PDF)

Example Thesis (PDF)


Important cautionary note: This guide CANNOT replace talking to your advisor. If you are unsure of anything, if you have any questions, if something isn’t clear, TALK TO YOUR ADVISOR. This is meant to be an introductory guide. Your experiences will be unique, and your supervisor may be more flexible or more strict than what is said here. Furthermore, this guide cannot be constantly updated and some requirements may have changed. Please use caution & contact us if you think anything on this page is wrong!